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Hi, I'm Chris

I am a Sound Healer, Coach and Energy Worker.

For two decades, I've been immersed in the world of international business coaching and energy work, guiding both individuals and teams through transformative programs.


My journey began by refining the gifts I've carried since childhood and studying under esteemed energy masters. From Bali to India, I've explored diverse mind-body practices, integrating them with my own experiences.

My clientele ranges from business owners and corporate executives to creative entrepreneurs, all driven by a shared desire to elevate their potential and profitability while making a positive impact.


Leveraging my expertise in sound healing and energy work, I've crafted bespoke activations, programs, and workshops tailored specifically for visionary leaders, empowering them to amplify their missions and achieve remarkable results.

We understand that meaningful, fulfilling lives extend beyond personal success—they extend through our families, businesses, and communities. Through our transformative approach, clients cultivate a mindset of abundance, seize boundless opportunities, and radiate empowered joy, catalysing positive change not only within themselves but throughout the world.

worksops & prgrams

Workshops & Programs

Christopher Blackwell | Coach | Healer



Queensland, Australia


Tel: +61 409 537 316

Christopher Blackwell | Coach | Healer

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