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Harmonic Elixirs

Holographic Light Frequency Blends

Christopher Blackwell is the creator and alchemist of Harmonic Elixirs.


Everything Chris creates is about harnessing frequencies to create a resonant human energy field. Through this resonance, balance can be restored, along with wellbeing, positive mindset and deeper levels of love and harmony.  


The Elixir sprays came about through Chris' intuitive guidance, meditation and aromatherapy knowledge. They contain a combination of premium essential oils and unique vibrational frequencies.  The Elixirs frequencies carry the archetype of specific energetic qualities. The purity and strength of the product range means the frequencies create a resonance with the human energy field, and assist in restoring balance and harmony. 

They hold the “true” note of each vibrational quality, and as we interact with them, our bodies begin to release patterns of disharmony, and naturally become “re-attuned”, just like musical tuning device brings the correct tone to an instrument, the sprays bring the energetic system into balance.

The blends can be used for a variety of purposes to bring about deeper clarity, vision, understanding and healing.

These Elixirs are a powerful tool to use during Chris' coaching and training programs and for those who are ready and willing to let go of the past, live with greater vitality and step into their co-creative power.

If you are unsure which would be the most appropriate Elixir for you, click here to book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with Chris.
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"Literally a breath of fresh air, I use a spray to protect my field before heading out into the world. It helps me feel energised yet relaxed, a state of being conducive to a conscious life. The scent is reminiscent of an ancient temple."

Andru Gyulay, Remedial Massage Therapist


"Gotta say, that Space Clearing Spray really works ... very powerful.

I am someone who generally doesn't feel crystals, sprays & stuff...I did feel it today!"

Sharon Kemp, Nurse and Musician

"Space Clearing is by far the most effective energy clearing spray I've discovered.  The instant effectiveness is quite remarkable.  As a practitioner I use it in my treatments and between clients."

Ken Warren, Bodyworker and Somatic Therapist

"The Earthing Blend is great, I use it before I enter into big conversations to anchor to truth and they always work out to be connected and real!  Thank you."

Bronte Glasby ,  Florist and Entrepreneur 

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