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About  Me

My name is Chris, and I've spent the past two decades deeply immersed in the world of international business coaching and energy work.


My journey commenced with honing the innate talents I've possessed since childhood and studying under revered energy mentors. From Bali to India, I've explored diverse mind-body practices, integrating them with my own experiences.


My unique gift lies in my laser-like ability to perceive the energetic imprints within your field, guiding you to identify, deactivate, or dissolve them while paving the way for new pathways to emerge.


I possess a keen sensitivity to the resonance frequencies of your business, mindset, and emotions, allowing me to rewire your mind and create fresh neural pathways for growth and success.

My interests include playing and writing music, travel and creating new business networks which support the mind, body and spirit.

Christopher Blackwell, coach

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Every facet of your business, your emotional landscape, and your belief system carries its own unique vibrational frequency, linked to your inner core.


Addressing the subconscious, refining self-beliefs, and harmonising the energetic flow of your business are pivotal steps toward unlocking your true potential and propelling you toward greater heights.


Through my blend of sound and intuitive practices, I not only facilitate personal growth but also directly influence the energetic blueprint of your business, igniting positive transformations across all aspects of your life.

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