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Magnetic Client Attraction System


Are you ready to level up, be seen and take your business to a whole new level?

Magnetic Client Attraction System | Christopher Blackwell

Imagine If ...

You became a magnet to your ideal clients?

You felt so good about yourself that clients were irresistibly drawn to work with you?

The Magnetic Client Attraction System is designed to help you become a powerhouse in your business, activating in you the right emotional state that sends a signal directly to your tribe.  In these activations you will retrain your subconscious, rewire your brain and create powerful new habits in 21 days as you shift the needle powerfully in the direction of your success.



"After working with Chris my business quadrupled and I had to employ a whole new sales team to deal with the demand."

Brenda - SEO Specialist

The Magnetic Client Attraction System incorporates three unique components

into each of the three Levels:

Activations, a Workbook and an Embodiment Process.


Magnetic Client Attraction Workbook 3_edited.png




The powerful synergy between these three components is what makes this manifestation system complete!


The three Levels of the Magnetic Client Attraction System each builds on the last and each covers a different area. 

Level One focuses on coming into your own energy. 

Level Two works specifically with removing patterns of invisibility and helps you attract your ideal client. 

Level Three is a business accelerator that helps you increase your leads and your following.

Delicate Fabric

Track 1 - Zero Point Energy

Track 2 - Root Chakra

Track 3 - I Am Deserving

BONUS Track - Receiving

Includes Embodiment Process & Magnetic Client Attraction Workbook (valued at USD$100)

USD$222 *

Track 1 - Clearing the Imprint of Invisibility

Track 2 - Attracting Your Ideal Client

Track 3 - New Client Matrix

BONUS Track - Miracle Codes

Includes Embodiment Process & Magnetic Client Attraction Workbook (valued at USD$100)

USD$222 *

Track 1 - Increase Your Leads Tenfold

Track 2 - Receiving Testimonials and Endorsements

Track 3 - Podcast Process

Track 4 - Accelerator Codes

BONUS Track - Cosmic ATM

Includes Embodiment Process & Magnetic Client Attraction Workbook (valued at USD$100)

USD$266 *
1, 2 & 3



Save an additional USD$113 by purchasing MAGNETIC COMPLETE!

Magnetic Complete is the complete set of Level 1, 2 and 3 Activations including all the bonus tracks, Embodiment Process and Magnetic Client Attraction Workbook.

USD$597 *

* Transaction will be processed in AUD$ on exchange rate of the day.

You will receive links to download your digital products (contained in a zipped file) at checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

What Clients Are Saying

"I did Chris's activations and worked with him for 6 weeks. During this time I received an extra $35,000 with no additional marketing and met the love of my life."

Aryton Sudholz - The Video Marketing Guy

sound waves2_edited.jpg

What Are The Benefits?

  • Targeted brain entrainment with specialised binaural beats to reprogram your subconscious for epic client results.  

  • Voice-Encoded Sound Codes. These codes act as a catalyst, shifting your internal state to align powerfully with your visions.


  • 21-day Brain Repatterning Process. Science has found it takes 21 days to create a new habit, this process creates new neural pathways through consistent, intentional daily action steps. 


  • The Embodiment Process. This dynamic method synergizes brain, body and emotions. In this active process you will use sound, breath, movement and tapping (EFT).

How Does This Help You?

The key to manifesting your ideal clients lies in your bio-chemistry. To change your bio-chemistry you need three things. A process to rewire the brain, an elevated emotional state and a commitment to take inspired actions. 


Without the synergy of these three, your manifestations will be weak and inconsistent. 


So if you’d like to experience the FLOW state, attract way more clients, and supercharge your momentum these activations may be for you. 

"On at least two or three occasions the day after doing Chris’s Client activations I have received up to 5 new bookings out of the blue."

Stephanie - Astrologer



"I've just finished 21 days of one of Chris’s activations and I had tears in my eyes. They have accelerated everything so much in my life that I am going to keep doing them."

Corinne - Architect 



"After working with Chris and doing his activations I went from having one client a week to 7 clients a week all within 3 months."

Ahly - Hikomi Massage therapist 

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