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Have you lost your mojo?

Are you feeling stuck?  Have you hit that wall?

Or is your business thriving and you just want to go to the next level?

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are you ready for a quantum leap?


“After doing Chris’s group breakthrough program my business quadrupled and I actually had to order a whole new sales team to deal with the demand”. 

 Brenda Homersham - SEO and Google Ads expert

“After working with Chris in his breakthrough program I made I made $35.000 extra in sales with no extra marketing”

Ayrton Sudholz - The Video Marketing Guy


"After huge money issues I have now moved into a brand new home and have ZERO rent to pay. I also met the love of my love and have a relationship that it literally blowing my mind, it is more than I ever could have imagined. This stuff works! Wow."

Cathie Marie - Life Coach and Energy Healer


“As a result of doing Chris’s breakthrough program I received $40,000 out of the blue to pay back an education debt I had”. So exciting!!!

Ambika Taylor - Piano Teacher 


“I feel since working with you Chris everything in my life is moving up to another level, including business, hobbies and my sport.  What has been really surprising is my positivity in the face of adversity.

Dianne Girven - Solar Consultant (and horse whisperer)

Introducing Chris Blackwell

business Energy Alchemist 


Chris Breakwell20160401_Warren-Jopson-Photography1241_edited_edited_edited.png

After many successes with clients I have now created the Breakthrough Program. 


I have an ability to tune into the energy of people's business to create far reaching and life enhancing changes.

I help you create an energetic alignment with your business.


My highest joy is to support YOU in showing up as the person you want to be.  This is about you finding your magic. 

In This Program You Will Learn How To:

Work directly with your Business Energy Matrix - this is a game changer!

Clear subconscious blocks to powerfully manifest the life you desire

Clear the 5 core money sabotage patterns so you can receive money consistently 

Help you to light up energetically so prospective clients can actually find you

Click the program schedule below for start dates and a summary of what will be covered each week? 


“I loved receiving messages from spirit and the sound and meditations made this program super charged. Since this program I have less fear and I feel more playful around money. I also received gifts from a total stranger, new coaching clients and new business contracts which is thrilling”

 Amber Wright - Musician and Coach


Do you have questions? Wondering if this program is for you?

Let's have a no pressure chat.  Click here to book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with Chris.

you will also manifest using the magic 4 'aS'



Until you learn to receive nothing really shifts in your business or life. Mastering the art of allowing is a cornerstone to manifesting anything you desire.




You will receive a Group Activation Meditation containing sound and clearing statements. You will use this activation daily to amplify your energy shifts.



You will receive clarity on the action steps you need to take.  Your actions will be aligned with your passion and vision to anchor you in your new reality.




You will be held in the energy of a supportive community to keep each other accountable so we all achieve our goals.

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