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Have you lost your mojo?

Are you feeling stuck?

Have you hit a ceiling in your finances or business?

are you ready to take your
life and business
to the next level?

“After doing Chris’s group breakthrough program my business quadrupled and I actually had to order a whole new sales team to deal with the demand”. 

 Brenda Homersham - SEO and Google Ads expert

“After working with Chris in his breakthrough program I made I made $35.000 extra in sales with no extra marketing”

Ayrton Sudholz - The Video Marketing Guy


"After huge money issues I have now moved into a brand new home and have ZERO rent to pay. I also met the love of my love and have a relationship that it literally blowing my mind, it is more than I ever could have imagined. This stuff works! Wow."

Cathie Marie - Life Coach and Energy Healer


“As a result of doing Chris’s breakthrough program I received $40,000 out of the blue to pay back an education debt I had”. So exciting!!!

Ambika Taylor - Piano Teacher 


“I feel since working with you Chris everything in my life is moving up to another level, including business, hobbies and my sport.  What has been really surprising is my positivity in the face of adversity.

Dianne Girven - Solar Consultant (and horse whisperer)

Hi! I’m Chris Blackwell

your business Energy Alchemist. 


chris photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

I am the creator of the Breakthrough Program. I am an Energy Alchemist, money success mentor, coach and sound healer.


I help people to create lasting shifts around success and abundance that enable them to consistently create miracles in their everyday life.

I work in a very unique way in order to help people  shift. I combine Energetic Clearing Techniques with my signature Sound Healing to amplify the FIELD and greatly  speed up the process of manifestation. I even use tools such as humour and fun as key access points to shift energy (that’s right humour).


My highest joy is to support YOU in showing up as the person you want to be in the world.  This is about you finding your magic. 

Image by Christopher Campbell

  Activate a new energy in your life step into Abundance!


Do you feel you’ve had some success in your business but you’ve hit a plateau and you just don’t know how to take things to the next level?

Do you keep implementing new changes and nothing really shifts for YOU and your business - you feel like you’re in groundhog day?

Are you exhausted and ready to create with more passion, more joy, and more ease?

If you’re like many of Chris's clients, you probably have a gift, a passion or business that you are ready to take to the next level and you just know you can achieve incredible things!  But here’s the thing.    


You need to change YOU in order to see MAGIC show up in your world. 


You 100% cannot continue to show up as the same person performing the same actions and expect new results. Impossible!  You must start flowing your energy differently to get new results. 


Are you are ready to activate this new energy in your life? 

Core Aim of the Program


  • To help you find your genius and OWN IT, and be proud of it!

  • To help you clear the subconscious blocks to actually doing this 

  • To connect powerfully to your passion, dream, vision or business idea and have it seen, honoured, witnesses by others

  • You will create an action plan based on your own inspirations and insights so you can make your vision a living reality

Want to know what you will discover each week on the Program?

When does the next Program start?

In This Program You Will Learn How To:

Completely change your biochemistry in minutes!

Flood your system with new super charged emotions and know why it’s so important.

Anchor a new YOU through sound, breath, visualisation and intention. 

Activate your energy in ways that align with YOUR dreams and goals.

Break the pattern of settling for your current reality. 

Become a vibrational match to a new reality. 

You will also:


  • Take inspired action steps every week and anchor in the changes you are making (through inspired actions, living AS the new you, we tell our subconscious that this is our new reality!)

  • Meet amazing supportive friends who honour you and want you to succeed (check out the buddy system in the course layout) 

  • Have a lot, lot, lot of fun. Humour and playfulness is one of the quickest ways to shift our energy.

  • Receive your own downloads and intuitive guidance that match your journey of creation (receiving your own downloads is perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of this creative program - as the collective vibration raises throughout the program all kinds of puzzle pieces will drop in for YOU!

This 6 Week Breakthrough Program is about FUN, laughter, ease, power and transformation.

This program is about saying YES to a new possibility! 

I'm in!   Can't wait!

So What’s in the Program?


6 weeks of LIVE group energy clearing calls. It’s here that a lot of the MAGIC takes place as we set the stage for big energetic shifts to happen.


The biggest obstacle with manifesting for most people isn’t the fact that abundance isn’t already present in our lives, it’s the fact that we don’t know how to allow it in.

A lot of the processes and shifts relate to allowing.

A process of letting it in. Stepping into a new version of ourselves. When you give yourself permission to receive that's when everything starts to shift.


Once you have received new information you must take action steps that align with this new vision of yourself.  This allows you to have a clear plan or way for moving forward.



A personalised Group Activation Meditation. This is an activation sound meditation which will be sent to everyone - with clearing statements that I will create specifically for this group energy. Playing this activation greatly enhances the effects of the manifesting work we are doing.


You will be held in the energy of a supportive community where your wins are our wins, which lift the energy of the group and our manifestations as a community. This also provides various levels of accountability for you throughout the program: individually, checking in with yourself and tracking your progress; collectively, working with others to hold the intention's we have set for ourselves and the community, so that no one is left behind. Don’t underestimate the power and the deepening that happens during these processes. 


Are you are ready to say YES to abundance and a new You?

Do you have questions? Wondering if this program is for you?

Book a no pressure clarity call with me.

People Partying


“I loved receiving messages from spirit and the sound and meditations made this program super charged. Since this program I have less fear and I feel more playful around money. I also received gifts from a total stranger, new coaching clients and new business contracts which is thrilling”

 Amber Wright - Musician and Coach


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