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Revibe Kit

Revibe is a unique high frequency product using only the highest vibration essential oils, sound vibrations and intention that works by shifting your mood, and connecting you to your full power.


The kit contains Revibe in both spritzer and cream form for maximum effect to quickly and powerfully bring you naturally into a state of alignment.


The spritzer and cream combine their potential to reduce scattered energies, sooth resistance and help you connect to an empowered confidence!


Who can use the Revibe Kit?


  • Anyone who wants to raise their vibe. 
  • Anyone who wants to feel soothed.
  • Anyone who wants to manifest new possibilities in their life.


Examples of when you might use the Revibe Kit:


  • Before meditation or a visualisation practise.
  • As part of a morning routine or as a moisturiser.
  • During or after a yoga session.
  • Before or during an important meeting.
  • Any time you feel overwhelmed.


See individual product instructions for information on how to use each product contained in the Revibe Kit.


Revibe Elixirs contain frequency infusions plus 40 essential oils including Frankincense, Clove, Sandalwood, Ocotea, Northern Lights, Back Spruce and Rose. Use caution on sensitive skin.

Revibe Kit

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