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Revibe (50ml Spritzer)

Revibe is a unique high frequency product using only the highest vibration essential oils, sound vibrations and intention that works by shifting your mood, and connecting you to your full power.


Revibe spritzer works powerfully to immediately bring you naturally into a state of alignment.


It works by reducing scattered energies, soothing resistance and helping you connect to an empowered confidence!


Who can use Revibe spritzer?


Anyone who wants to raise their vibe.

Anyone who wants to feel soothed.

Anyone who wants to manifest new possibilities in their life.


Examples of when you might use Revibe spritzer:


Before meditation or a visualisation practise.

As part of a morning routine.

During or after a yoga session.

Before an important meeting.

Any time you feel overwhelmed.


How to use Revibe spritzer.


There are many ways to apply Revibe spritzer. You can simply close your eyes and spray all over your body and/or you can apply it to specific places on the body where you feel either a physical or emotional blockage of energy. You can also spray it onto your hands, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the good feeling. Many people also find it powerful to combine Revibe spritzer with a self care ritual, meditation, visualising or breathing practise to enhance the effects of whatever you are doing.


The most important thing is to use your own intuition and find a routine that works for you, or ask each time you use it to be shown where on the body to use the spray.


Below is an example routine:


Wellbeing Protocol:


  1. Close your eyes and spray spritzer around the crown of your head (crown chakra)
  2. 2 sprays over each kidney
  3. 2 spray in your hands and breathe in for 1 minute
  4. Repeat as desired


Overwhelm Protocol:


  1. 2 to 3 sprays on the souls of feet
  2. Spray over the solar plexus chakra
  3. 2 sprays over each kidney
  4. Spray over the back of the neck (occipital region)
  5. Close your eyes and spray around the crown of your head (crown chakra)
  6. 2 sprays on hands and breathe in sitting or lying down quietly for ten minutes


Manifesting Protocol:


(Have paper and a pen on hand.)


  1. Close your eyes and apply 5 sprays around the crown of your head (crown chakra) and 2 sprays on your hands and breathe in for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  2. Sit quietly with paper and pen nearby and ask yourself the questions “what energy would I like to be the embodiment of today?” Let the answer drop in (eg joy, success, flow, ease)
  3. Now with your paper and pen write down what inspired action step you are going to take today that aligns with this desire


This Elixir contains frequency infusions plus 40 essential oils including Frankincense, Clove, Sandalwood, Ocotea, Northern Lights, Back Spruce and Rose.


Revibe (50ml Spritzer)

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