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Quantum Magic

Quantum Magic


I co -created this elixir with the well known quantum healer and lover of magic Cory Michelle!


Read more about the creation of this Elixir here

This elixir helps you to attune your vibration to the 5D and above light grid. 
In a sense you become a vibrational match to that which you desire. 
It is fun, powerful and has a real sense of magic about it! 
You can use this elixir by spraying it in your car, room, around your aura or on your physical body/chakra points. 
It is awesome to use in conjunction with any manifestation processes to amplify your attraction energy and create powerful results. 
Gives you a feeling that anything is possible.



This Elixir includes the following essential oils and vibrational infusions:

Frankincense, Blue Cypress, Patchouli, Peppermint, Angelica .

Quantum Magic

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