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Earthing Blend

Earthing Blend


Earthing Blend has a stabilising energy, it is safe for people of all ages and is great for kids too! 


As the name suggests, this blend helps with feeling grounded, supported and is excellent for helping to bring things into manifestation.


Earthing can be used by simply spraying it on your feet, adrenals (lower back) on the spine and solar plexus to help bring the whole system into balance.


What else can this blend do?


Spray it into your wallet/purse to increase money flow. 


Combine the spray with quiet meditation and slow deep breathing. At the end of the meditation visualise whatever you would like to bring into manifestation in your life and say thank you 3 times.


Enhance your libido or anchor into your embodiment practices such as yoga, dance or tai chi.


This Elixir includes the following essential oils and vibrational infusions:

Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Frankincense.


Earthing Blend

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