Christopher Blackwell

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I also work with healers, entrepreneurs, creatives and heart based businesses wanting to step into a new level of power, leadership and intuition as they themselves guide and support others with their gifts.

I have dedicated my life to the development of my own consciousness and waking up the power within and helping people to embody their own gifts and potential.


"I am grateful to have met Chris, an exceptional and unique gifted healer. As a practitioner in complimentary therapies, I am very picky in whom I confide.

Chris brings profound compassion, integrity and amazing intuitive skills to his work. There is a sense of magic when Chris works. His intuitive insights and compassion combined with the use of essential oils helped me to strengthen my soul connection and a deeper understanding of my life path & purpose.

Chris' knowledge and intuitive guidance in using the essential oils is stupendous. 

I have recommended Chris to my family & he has become a trusted colleague & friend."

Petra Stampfer, Soul Light Institute, Melbourne

“Chris has got the goods. Hard to describe one of his voice sessions except to say it’s very much like a dance – it will go wherever you’re able to follow. Using cymbals, bells, various instruments and his wildly eclectic arsenal of vocal techniques, he draws out a primal response in the sounds buried in your psyche that are longing to be released. It’s essentially one spontaneous movement as Chris applies his specially prepared oils. It will be different for each person but I can assure you, it will be intense and deeply healing.”

 Max Ryan, lead vocalist with the band Hexham, Byron Bay