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Lightworkers Collection 

The Lightworkers Collection is specifically designed for creatives, healers and Lightworkers as a go to kit for both personal and client use. 


The kit contains:

Space Clearing & Aura Protection

Light Codes  

Zero Point 



Why a Lightworkers kit? 


All three Elixirs are about clearing your space, balancing your nervous system, resetting and realigning your energy bodies, and receiving intuitive insight! 


Space Clearing & Aura Protection : This Elixir helps you to clear your physical space or aura during meditation or before during and after client work. 


Light Codes : After clearing your space of negativity, this high vibrational Elixir helps you to not only release old energetic codes or patterns from your field but also to receive and anchor new coding into your field.  It is very connected to the angelic realm and can be used with intention and manifestation processes. 


Zero Point : This Elixir is designed to be a factory reset for your physical space as well as your own aura and energy field. It puts you into a zero point field as it recalibrates your entire system. It is amazing for neutralising the energy in any space and can be used on its own or in conjunction with Space Clearing & Aura Protection and Light Codes Elixirs.




Here’s what people have said about these three Elixirs!  


"Space Clearing & Aura Protection is by far the most effective energy clearing spray I’ve discovered. The instant effectiveness is quite remarkable. As a practitioner I use it in my treatments and between clients."

Dave Roberts 

Remedial Massage Therapist and Energy Worker 

"Light Codes is special, it feels like it brings in living multidimensional energetic support. I sense it as a powerful ball of white light that clears old patterns and anchors new codes throughout my being. I love it and use it with reverence and intention for healing and for whenever I need support."

Ambika Taylor 

Musician and Creator of Biks Bars 

"My friend decided today give me a sniff of Zero Point.  I immediately felt like I was stoned - and a massive energy influx. I needed to lie down immediately.  For the next hour (felt like three minutes) I lay on the couch as zero point took over.  I felt like it was permeating different layers of my field and there was a sweetness as it dropped into an even deeper layer.  Steadily fatigue and “muscular guarding” were coming up and releasing as my system was simultaneously being energised.  To be honest it was like a factory reset.  I felt it work on key meridian points, and moved smoothly between different layers of my subtle body correcting imbalances.  There was so much more that I can barely find the words for.  I felt more refreshed than I had for months!"

Ken Warren 

Somatic Healer and Remedial Therapist