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Would you like to Offer a Fun new innovative class or workshop in your Home, Centre or Community?

What is find yoUR flow?

FInd your flow are fun, interactive classes & longer Workshops combining Vocal toning, Breathwork, Gentle movement, Meditation and hopefully some Laughter too! 

The Benefits include:

Nervous System Regulation

Release Of Endorphins/Serotonin

Feelings of Connection and Authentic Relating

Enhanced Wellbeing

Your host Chris has been working with Sound and Energy Healing modalities for 20+ years using it in his client work, workshops and programs both in Australia and internationally. Chris's psychic and intuitive abilities are a key factor in him helping thousands of people create positive changes in their careers, money flow, relationships, creativity and general wellbeing. 

HOW to contact Chris?

Phone: 0409537316


Or click this link to BOOK A CHAT with Chris and see how you can work together?

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