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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift


If you are ready to step into a new paradigm, this may be the elixir for you! 
After two powerful ceremonies stretching out over a week this elixir was finally birthed! 
It heralds the shift on the planet at the moment into a new consciousness - a change in frequency.


It supports you in stepping powerfully into a creator consciousness, realising that your intentions and thoughts powerfully determine your life experience.
I felt strongly the presence of many star beings working through and guiding me throughout the process whilst making this elixir. They were helping to lay an energetic grid or template for creating change - a new harmonic if you like. It felt as though they were beeming a column of bright light into the matrix of this elixir.
I hope you love it is as much I do. 



This Elixir includes the following essential oils and vibrational infusions:

Ocotea, Dorado Azul, Frankincense, Hyssop.

Paradigm Shift

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