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This meditation is designed to wake up an inner sense of joy and aliveness, recharging the cells and chakra whilst awakening a sense of infinite possibility!

Joy MeditationChristopher Blackwell
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"Chris’ sound activation meditation helped prepare me mentally, emotionally and spiritually for one of the most challenging experiences of my life so far. His meditation allowed me to see life from my loved ones perspectives, bringing me closer to them, allowing me to feel more supported and connected to them.

It also strengthened my mind, my belief in myself and gave me the courage to go deep into the journey and joy of creating space for the safe and healthy arrival of this very special being about to come into our lives.

Chris’ meditation was the best thing I could have done in preparation for labour. It was worth every penny!"

Charlotte, Mother & Horticulturalist, Melbourne 

“I've tried many healing modalities and don't often feel called to do this but I have to do a shout out because I've just had an intense SOUND HEALING SESSION with Chris and he is pure magic.

If you want to feel lighter, unstuck and ready to receive EVERYTHING that you've been blocking then he's your man.

As the sounds came through my headphones I could feel energy shifting around in my body, with shadow energy moving out to allow a lighter energy to come in. I left the call feeling fricking amazing”.

Bronwyn, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, Brisbane

"Chris is AWESOME! He is so spot on with his intuition it is almost like he is a little camera inside your body - the sound healing is so profound IT WORKS!!  OMG it works - the healing that takes place is amazing. Chris is so very gentle, caring and compassionate. His love for people shines through in all his work.  you can feel the joy he has for helping people. If you are looking for a sound healer, Pick Chris."

Stacey Huish, Founding Director 1000 Ripple Effects


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